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More than 25 years of experience in organizing sports activities, including golf, football, padel, ATV Safari, motorcycle routes, bicycle routes, and more.

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Great work, they really took care of us and I am surpriced about the details in their attention. It gave us a lot of comfort when people know the area and are well connected".

Carsten Johansen

Team Manager

We have traveled a lot and many are good at putting together plans. It's only when things don't go as they should, that you see how important it is to have a safe travel organizer who knows how to solve things as they go.

Petter B


We had a fantastic trip and are very satisfied with both the hotel, the training and the follow-up along the way. We can highly recommend MST as a travel organizer.

Henrik Jarl

Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use our company?

Mainly for safety and convenience reasons, as we can organise the events from the time of departure until the time of return, depending on what is required. Sometimes changes need to be done in the last minute, then you would really love our experince, as we know what to do.

What service do we offer?

We provide all the services that are necessary to meet all of our clients’ needs, for example hotel accommodation, airport transfers, practise sessions, other sports, cultural visits, specialty restaurants, gastronomy tours, emergency doctor visits, etc.

What is our coverage?

All of our activities have the necessary insurance coverage for the services booked.

Why do companies use our services?

Thanks to our ample experience in organising this type of events, as we aim to cover everyone’s needs. We also offer personalised service, with staff on site that will help to resolve any issue that may arise, or take care of any changes the client wishes to make.

Why do we organise these activities for companies?

Companies hire our services as a reward or incentive for their workers, or as team-building dynamics.

What experience do we have organising activities?

We have been organising camps, sports activities, team-building dynamics for educational centres, City Halls, public organisations and private companies for over 25 years.

Do you only organise events for adults?

No, we also organise summer camps for kids, golf camps, paddle, soccer, handball, basketball...

Do you organise summer camps?

Yes, we have been organising these types of events in the province of Malaga for 25 years, and we are trailblazers in these events.

When are summer camps offered?

Summer camps are usually offered in July and August, for 10 days, 15 days and 30 days.

Can you organise training matches with other teams?

Yes, although this depends on the dates, because during league season we must adapt to team availability and to the availability of training areas.

Do you only organise the sports event?

No, depending on the clients’ needs, we can organise everything from the time of departure to the time of return, accommodation, food, transfers, etc. Anything the client may need.

What do the diplomas earned from the courses cover?

The courses are recognised by the EU, and by regulations they provide the certification necessary to work in any EU country.

Are the diplomas only recognised in the EU?

Depending on the requirements, there are courses that are recognised internationally, both in Europe and in the United States.

Do all the trips include guides?

No, only trips outside of Spain include a guide, the trips within Spain can include a guide or can be done with a GPS system.

What type of vehicles are used for the trips?

Depending on the route, and whether it is on motorbike or 4x4 / ATV Safari, bices etc. The routes in Morocco may include two types of motorbikes, because Enduro bikes are better for driving in sand dunes than Trail bikes.

What kind of grass do the soccer fields have?

We have two types, artificial grass that is more widely available and at a better price, and natural grass, which is more expensive, because the accommodation must be in a 4-star hotel, next to the field.

What kind of sports gear is available?

We have a wide range of material available to users, it all depends on the client’s budget.

Can I do other activities, aside from the activities already booked?

We offer a wide selection of additional activities, from excursions to sport activities such as scuba diving, bicycling, tourism routes, etc.

How do I pay for the booked services?

Payment is 50% down when booking, and the remainder 15 days prior to arrival.

Can the deposit be recovered?

No, once the booking is made, there is no refund.

Are you prepared for an experience you won't soon forget?

Discover the pulse of sport under the Spanish sun with Malaga Sportstravel, your premier sports travel partner in Malaga! We're devoted to delivering the ultimate sports-centric getaway, curating unique experiences for football clubs, cycling clubs, golf lovers, padel players amongst others.

The weather, the air and land connections, the hotels, the training facilities, the added quality services, these are just a few of the reasons why this company is a current reference for sport team concentrations and pre-seasons, and business groups from around the world.


We can include  in the budget the rental of the necessary equipment for each sporting activity.

Our centres meet the ideal requirements for holding tournaments and championships, in high quality conditions.


Our company has a wide range of exclusive hotels and high-quality Aparthotels, adapted to your group’s needs.

The hotels offer spacious rooms and are located near the training area and the airport.


The accommodations are located in an exclusive environment: close to magnificent beaches, nature and leisure areas, always with the privacy that the teams require during their stay.

The hotels are located very close to the training grounds, some of them only 150 meters away. This means that groups can reach the pitch in a few minutes from the hotel, either by coach, on foot or even by bike.


MFC offers an exclusive transport service, tailored to the needs of the club.

At Malaga Sportstravel, we cater to your passion for sports with seamless logistics and personalized packages. All you need to do is bring your team, your love for sports, and your spirit for adventure.

Our company has always been committed to offering its customers the best benefits for different sports.


Vehicles suitable for groups, as well as individually, with a modern fleet and experienced drivers that will guarantee the best service.

Score goals in top-tier football facilities, cycle through breathtaking Andalusian landscapes, perfect your swing on world-class golf courses, or serve aces at our exceptional padel courts.